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First public listed company in the industry in 2012
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Founded in 1997 as a smart utility solution service provider, Goldcard Smart Group Co., Ltd. has become one of the leading smart gas enterprises after over two-decade continuous innovation based on customer requirements. In 2012, Goldcard was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange with stock code 300349, as the first public listed company in the industry.

Goldcard not only catches up with the IoT and Internet trend, but also devotes to build a brand-new public utility industry ecosystem. With new technologies, products, and services expanded, Goldcard brings great synergistic effect in smart terminal, smart communication, big data, cloud computing, and mobile application to provide high-value and high-performance products and end-to-end solutions including smart devices, communication networks, application management software and Internet cloud services for public utility customers. Goldcard also builds long-term strategic cooperation relationships with various gas enterprises, Huawei, and Alibaba.

Currently, Goldcard business covers more than 30 countries, the company is serving over 2000 public utility enterprises and over 50 million urban family users in more than 1500 cities.

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Message from Board Chairman

In the past year, China has ushered in the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. With the rapid development of China’s economy, China today has entered an important period of opportunities for reform and development. At the same time, we have established the future development strategy of Goldcard Smart Group. Promoting the company’s sustainable development management as an important pillar for the service company to achieve its strategic objectives will create a superior external environment for the company's rapid development. We deeply feel the importance of the company’s sustainable development and strive to integrate the concept of sustainable development into all aspects of our business.

Looking back on this year, Goldcard Smart Group, as the pioneer of the Internet of Things in the gas meter industry, has deployed nearly one million NB-loT smart gas meters nationwide, ranking first in the industry. IoT platform is connected to 1.5 million smart gas meters. The business of cloud service continues to break through. We have enabled more than 500 gas enterprises and more than 40 million gas users to enjoy the convenience brought by cloud service. We continue to deepen our overseas market strategy, and now 20 countries have chosen us as partner for intelligent development.

Looking back on this year, we have continuously increased investment in research and development, created a high-standard talent reserve mechanism, introduced professional research and development talents, and established a research and development team of more than 600 members. We continue to strengthen the construction of a diversified workforce, clarify the concept of personnel training, establish and improve career development channels, strive to build an excellent corporate culture, promote the integration of diverse cultures, and inject vitality into the company’s sustainable development.

Looking back on this year, we firmly implemented the national energy conservation and environmental protection strategic plan, served the national clean energy construction, unswervingly supported the “Coal to Gas” project, and served the clean energy with low carbon, environmental protection, safety and high efficiency. We pay close attention to the society, pay attention to the communities around us, and promote social progress with our own development. The company and its employees jointly invested 5.95 million yuan to initiate the establishment of the Goldcard Smart Public Welfare Foundation. We uphold the public welfare mission of “helping people to develop, helping the society to be harmonious, and helping the life to be beautiful” to promote the practice of social responsibility.

In commemorating the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up, we embrace gratitude and usher in a new period of development opportunities. We firmly implement the company’s development strategy, strive to achieve high-quality development and contribute to the sustainable development of the company and Chinese society.

GoldCard Smart Group Co., Ltd. Chairman

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